AMV Contest Winners & Finalists

2023 - Winners & Finalists

AMV Contest

1st Place Trailer: "Cyberpunk Resurrections" by Rider4Z

1st Place Drama / Serious: "Love is not a Victory March" by DopplerDo

1st Place Action: "Action Surge" by Xophilarus

1st Place Romance / Sentimental: "Seemingly Simple" by hamstar138

1st Place Fun / Upbeat: "Still Got It" by E_01

1st Place Comedy / Parody: "AMV Theatres" by Ileia

Judges' Choice: "The Neckst Episode" by Sayoria

Editors' Choice: "Food Porn" by Speedy180

Coordinator's Choice: "Waving Through" by Opner

Phade's Phav - Guest Award: "AMV Theatres" by Ileia

Director's Choice: "Encumbrance" by Troubleclef

V-MIX Competition

MomoCon Theme Award: "The Unfathomable City" by Pwcagal

Best Novice: "Stay Paranoid!" by Violet Skies

Best Rookie: "Control" by Pyrothemusical

Most Pleasantly Surprising: "Skaian Splendor" by MadMegatax

Most Unpleasantly Surprising: "T.A.P.P." by SilkAMV

Big Same Award: "Big Mood" by Moonpie

Best Aesthetic: "Somedays" by Pablo Shoe

Best Character Profile: "W.I.T.C.H." by Cthuko

Best Dance: "Dance Intermission 4" by MoonieAMV

Best Editing: "EVOLUTIONS" by Elixir

Best Technical: "Killing Kind" Nekokitkat

Most Bittersweet: "Autumn" PiercedSky

Most Nostalgic: "Voyage Homeward" thefanvideoer2 

Most ⅁NIꞱℲI⅂dn: "UnstoppabEL" Rider4Z

Most Whimsical: "We Rule The World" by Nashironeko

Most Educational: "Reading Reincarnation" by CamiChan19

Most Inspirational: "We Are HERE" PantsAMV

Best Mood: "Purrgatory" by Violet Skies

Best GMV: "Voyage of Youth" by MinetChan

Best Retro: "Daring Hearts" by MinetChan

Best Dynamic Duo: "B.F.F.F." by Pwcagal

Best Crossover Concept: "Family Tree" by PerkyPastry

Best Vibe: "Wunseirmein" by UnluckyArtist

Most Endearing: "Mafia Male Wife" by Ileia

Best Source Pairing: "Break A Leg" by PantsAMV

Most Heartfelt: "Heartwarming" by Mycathatesyou

Playlist of AMV & V-MIX Competition 



"Cyberpunk Resurrections" by Rider4Z

"Dungeons & Dimwits" by The_McLaughlin

"Legopunk Brickrunners" by SilkAMV

"Make Step Up Yours" by Kitsuner

"SonicBallZ" by BecauseImBored1

Drama / Serious

"Bad Vibes" by Xophilarus

"Control" by Pyrothemusical

"Encumbrance" by Troubleclef

"Love is not a Victory March" by DopplerDo

"The S.O.S." by AllyKatAVR


"Action Surge" by Xophilarus

"Death Cometh" by thefanvideoer2

"Hail the Furious Dead" by SilkAMV

"Roaring 80's" by Seasaltmemories

"The Beach Episode of Sports" by SpuddStaaa

Romance / Sentimental

"Hunger of the Revolution" by MadMegatax

"Laundry Day" by Troubleclef

"Love Without a Place to Rest" by Seasaltmemories

"Seemingly Simple" by hamstar138

"Waving Through" by Opner

Fun / Upbeat

"Anime Magic Hour" by Faevily

"Food Porn" by Speedy180

"Reveillez" by Tyken & Rider4Z

"Stay Paranoid!" by Violet Skies

"Still Got It" by E_01

Comedy / Parody

"A Thousand Bops" by ZeonicFreak

"AMV Theatres" by Ileia

"IDGAP (I Don't Give a Polka)" by MadMegatax

"Super Loid Bros" by SpuddStaaa

"The Neckst Episode" by Sayoria 

2023 - Time Capsule Clash


"The New Avengers" by GuntherAMVs

"The Butterfly Effect" by MycathatesyouAMV

"Shafted" by Shin

"Deadpunch [RED-BAND]" by Rider4Z - Winner

“Blades of Yuri” by BecauseImBored1

Drama / Serious

"Hall of Fame" by Drabaz

"Hot Commodity" by GuntherAMVs

"Aria of Perseverance" by Xophilarus

"Unsheathed" by Rider4Z

"Colors" by Nekokitkat - Winner


"YOU CAN'T DENY US!" by BecauseImBored1

"Valor" by MycathatesyouAMV

"Vintage Misery" by Shin - Winner

"Wavedash Whompathon" by MycathatesyouAMV

"Numinous" by MrNosec

Romance / Sentimental

"Tough Love" by l33tmeatwad

"Surging Tides" by Xophilarus

"Take a Leap" by MomtoCutiePia

"Satisfied" by MadMegatax - Winner

"My Songs & Stories" by Drabaz

Fun / Upbeat

"Fuhrer of Sweden" by Mr Pilkington

"A Piece Of Toast" by BakaOppai

"The Fangirl Chronicle" by Celia Phantomhive

"Fun Fun Yum Yum" by MycathatesyouAMV - Tied Winner

"Money$hot" by MycathatesyouAMV - Tied Winner

Comedy / Parody

"PonyNote" by Vivifx - Winner

"Anime 101" by Vivifx

"Re-Repeat Stuff" by DnubsPro

"Singular Strike Gentleman" by Glitzer

"Suicidal Tendencies" by Sailor Death

Coordinator Choice

"Re-Written" by alchemymini

“We Live” by Nekokitkat - Winner

"Colors" by Nekokitkat

Director's Choice

"Hot Commodity" by GuntherAMVs - Winner

"Contest Trolling 101" by Mr. Pilkington

"Fun Fun Yum Yum" by MycathatesyouAMV

"Fiat Lux" by PieandBeer

Judges' Choice

"Contracting Lesbians" by MycathatesyouAMV

"Digital Hell" by JazzsVids

"A Boy In Funny Red Boots" by Dragonrider1227

"One Hell of a Host" by BecauseImBored1 - Winner

"Ambition" by Celia Phantomhive

Editors' Choice

"Hot Commodity" by GuntherAMVs - Winner

"Derelict" by irriadin

"Dauntless" by BioticAMVs

"Money$hot" by MycathatesyouAMV 

2022 - Winners & Finalists

AMV Contest

1st Place Trailer: "Sukuna" by BecauseImBored1

1st Place Drama / Serious: "Désirs Fatals" by SasukeChanx

1st Place Action: "I Love Me" by Ileia

1st Place Romance / Sentimental: "Turning Out Red" by Rider4Z

1st Place Fun / Upbeat: "Truly, Truly, Truly, Cretaceous" by DrDinosaur

1st Place Comedy / Parody: "Contemporary Dog" by Hikikomori

Judges & Editors' Choice: "Contemporary Dog" by Hikikomori

Coordinator's Choice #1: "Turning Out Red" by Rider4Z

Coordinator's Choice #2: "Self-Portrait" by Mycathatesyou

Director's Choice: "I Love Me" by Ileia

V-MIX Competition

Best Rookie: "Playing House" by Seasaltmemories

Best Novice: "Hohenheim is a Rät" by sasaina-san

Most Pleasantly Surprising: "Gamba giGACHAd" by PantsAMV

Most Unpleasantly Surprising: "Wash the Dog" by Mycathatesyou

Best Aesthetic: "BASSLINE" by Arcothy B3stEck

Best Character Profile: "Murder, Arson and Yelling" by HagarenViper

Best Concept: "#DieTonightLiveForever" by MadMegatax

Best Draction: "Abyssal Grail" by Sean.PNG

Best Dynamic Duo: "Ignorance to Bliss" by StarTrinity009

Best GMV: "Hero-owos" by a seal

Best Mood: "Never Awake" by Tasha Livingstone

Best Nostalgia: "The Pure Imagination of Hayao Miyazaki" by FanEditz

Best Parody: "When Life Gives You Kaworu" by hamstar138

Best Production: "Friends Like Us" by Rider4Z

Best Retro: "Bun Head" by TheLazyDaze

Best Social Commentary: "Call It What You Want" by MinetChan

Best Source Pairing: "Tomoko's True Colors" by James Blond

Best Storytelling: "House of Shadows" by Lelani

Best Thriller: "Cutthroat" by MinetChan

Best Vibe: "My Everyday Vibes" by Synaesthesia Productions

Most Bittersweet: "For the Honor of Gayskull" by Obsidian Zero

Most Emotional: "Tears Stream" by thefanvideoer2

Most Heartfelt: "This Promise on Ice!!!" by FanEditz

Most Marvelous: "Great Responsibility" by BleachShippu5678

Most Professional: "Impulse" by D0SKA

Most Whimsical: "Oh Heck" by a seal

Playlist of AMV & V-MIX Competition 

AMV Contest Intro 



"Ai Kill Giants" by Troubleclef

"Genshin Impact: Eternity War" by Pants

"Planet of the Titans" by Opner

"Sukuna" by BecauseImBored1

"The Light Knight" by pwcagal

Drama / Serious

"Boy VS Brain" by Obsidian Zero

"Désirs Fatals" by SasukeChanx

"Lycanthrope" by Tigrin

"Neon Theater" by Pants

"Unholy Martyrs" by NATALEO


"Denting Blows" by Xophilarus

"Hinokami Kagura" by E_01

"I Love Me" by Ileia

"Night Crawlers" by Rider4Z

"Tonight" by Nekokitkat

Romance / Sentimental

"In Another Life" by Tigrin

"Relationship_Final.MP4" by Troubleclef

"Turning Out Red" by Rider4Z

"What We Mean When We Say We'd Give Up Everything" by DopplerDo

"Yo Ho! Abandon Ship" by Nekokitkat

Fun / Upbeat

"Aggressive Aftertaste" by Phlashbak

"That's My Mei" by Kirbygal

"The Crow Flies Over the Wall!" by HagarenViper

"Totally Boss" by BecauseImBored1

"Truly, Truly, Truly, Cretaceous" by DrDinosaur

Comedy / Parody

"Contemporary Dog" by Hikikomori

"Ghiblussy" by Ileia

"Thank God for 2D Girls" by TarageAMV

"Thsnks" by Kirbygal

"Truck-kun x Train-chan: Get Wrecked" by TheLazyDaze 

2021 - Winners

Best Trailer: There Was An Idea... by HiddenWhiteFang

Best Drama & Director's Choice: I'm (Not) Myself by SasukeChanx

Best Action: Hellsing Under Seige by James Blond

Best Romance: The Accompanist by Opner

Most Sentimental: Mr. Alien by thefanvideoer2

Best Upbeat: HashtagHomecoming by Rider4Z

Most Fun: Dragon Dreamer by Silent Hero

Best Comedy: It's About Time! by KeiichiFace

Most Educational: Cause We're Anime-n! by Kirbygal

Best Draction: Cowboy Blinded by SharkToothGoosie

Most Whimsical: Diki Diki Ding Ding by John

Most Intriguing: Do you know what's going on by Dexter

Best Storytelling: Infinite Youth by Silent Hero

Best Source-Pairing: Maybe It's Zombelline by James Blond

Most Pleasantly Surprising: My Little Anti-Hero by Rider4Z

Best Rhythm: ON and ON by xSnowflakes

Best GMV: Rabbit Heartless by TheLazyDaze

Best Aesthetic: Snake by UnluckyArtist

Best Rookie: Still Dandy, Baby! by scudgreen

Best Concept: Snow Place Like Home by PerkyPastry

Most Nostalgic: Wild Love by Nekokitkat 

2020 - Winners & Finalists

Winners - Playlist

AMV Contest

1st Place Trailer: "Spinel" by BecauseImBored1

1st Place Drama / Serious: "MARA" by SpeedQueen GK

1st Place Action: "Manic Melody" by BecauseImBored1

1st Place Romance / Sentimental: "Waves" by KuRo

1st Place Fun / Upbeat: "We Stan Stands" by Mycathatesyou

1st Place Comedy / Parody: "Demon Slayin' FUN" by Pikapwn

Judges Choice: "Heard It Through the GrapeVINE" by Kirbygal

Coordinator's Choice: "The Show Must Go On" by Tigrin

Director's Choice: "Roaring Showman" by Rider4Z

V-MIX Competition

MomoCon 2020 Theme Award: "Roaring Showman" by Rider4Z

Best Novice: "Mob Riot" by PoppyPetrichor

Best Rookie: "Breakdown" by TwigglyFiggly

Best Rhythm & Dance: "Step On Up!" by SasukeChanx

Most Pleasantly Surprising: "Super Models" by Rider4Z

Most Unpleasantly Surprising: "UNSQUASHABLE" by Pikapwn

Most Nostalgic: "Back to Life" by Nekokitkat

Most Artistic: "Mercury Retrograde" by lokkiclu

Best Atmosphere: "Abstract" by The Lazy Daze

Best Retro: "Karass" by Iren S.S

Most Professional: "The Seed" by Kenji

Best Cuts: "Pyrrhic Pursuit" by Opner

Best GMV: "THIS MEANS WAR" by Tigrin

Best Editing: "Lmtlss: ReMatch!" by Riku'

Best Character Profiles: "Eternal Family" by Obsidian Zero

Best Source Pairing: "Entomophile" by drewaconclusion

Best Mood: "Verdant" by PieandBeer

Best Story: "Desired Hues" by Xophilarus 



"BERSERK - Eternal Hiatus" by Hamasaki

"Eiko Eighty-Four" by UnluckyArtist

"Gridman, King of the Monsters" by CasualSwimmer

"PSYCHO" by PoppyPetrichor

"Spinel" by BecauseImBored1

Drama / Serious

"Kindness" by PieandBeer

"MARA" by SpeedQueen GK

"Scarlet Crimson Iron Sands" by Xophilarus, Shin

"Silent Wanders" by Dynamo

"Vagabond" by MinetChan


"Call to Arms" by SuperEltanin

"Manic Melody" by BecauseImBored1

"Mob Riot" by PoppyPetrichor

"Prestige" by Squardz

"Roadrash Remix" by drewaconclusion

Romance / Sentimental

"Affinity" by BecauseImBored1

"Breakdown" by TwigglyFiggly

"No Choice" by DopplerDo

"The Way We Fell" by Sean.PNG

"Waves" by KuRo

Fun / Upbeat

"Fool's Pride" by xSnowflakes

"Harubaru" by hamstar138

"Ok Bloomer" by SliceofLife

"STEVEN'S THE BEST!" by Silent Hero Studios

"We Stan Stands" by Mycathatesyou

Comedy / Parody

"Anime Grunt" by DNubsPro

"Demon Slayin' FUN" by Pikapwn

"Fizzy Water Juice" by UnluckyArtist

"L'histoire homosexuelle d'Homura" by KeiichiFace

"thirsty III" by MadMegatax 

2019 - Winners & Finalists


AMV Contest - Playlist

1st Place Trailer - "Fullmetal Alchemist: Endgame" by PaNTSU oF d00m

1st Place Drama / Serious - "You Know How I Feel" by NATALEO

1st Place Action - "Survival League" by Elixir

1st Place Romance / Sentimental - "Happy Little Clouds" by Glitzer

1st Place Fun / Upbeat - "Undeadman Zombieland" by PaNTSU oF d00m

1st Place Comedy / Parody - "Technically, They're Kappa" by Angelic Daze

Judges Choice - "Off The Ceiling" by Rider4Z

Editors' Choice - "Happy Little Clouds" by Glitzer

Coordinator's Choice - "Old Toy Road" by Ileia

Director's Choice - "Circuit Tree" by shorisquared

V-MIX Competition - Playlist

MomoCon 2019 Theme Award - "Into the Cyber-Verse" by Ileia

Best Novice - "You Know How I Feel" by NATALEO

Best Rookie - "Jackie & Wilson" by Espresso Yourself

Best Advertisement - "Kingdom Parks" by Nekokitkat

Best GMV - "Pixel Spirit" by Freeman-47

Best Aesthetic - "Persimmon" by PieandBeer

Most Uplifting - "Are Meow Ready" by Nekokitkat

Best Concept - "Dark Machiavelli" by Mycathatesyou

Best Source Pairing - "Abyss Story" by Cirera

Most Nostalgic - "The Enchanted Place" by hamstar138

Most Bittersweet - "Forever and Ever" by Soltaru

Best Character Profile - "Good Time" by Rider4Z

Best Rhythm - "Row Row Remix" by BecauseImBored1

Best Tribute - "Walt Disney Bohemian Rhapsody" by Vik

Most Artistic - "Overthinker" by DivineAMV

Best Atmosphere - "Pachyderm Panic" by drewaconclusion

Best Draction - "Spill This Blood" by JanikaChan & Trenzilla

Most Pleasantly Surprising - "The Sound of Silence" by thefanvideoer2

Best Technical - "Art Of The Mind" by Spartan Media Productions 

Iron Editor

(Intro Video)

BioticAMVs (Winning Video)

Kirbygal (Video) 



"Bubblegum Crisis 2034" by Maboroshi Studio

"Didney's Pingoos" by Xophilarus

"Fullmetal Alchemist: Endgame" by PaNTSU oF d00m

"Gearless" by Trenzilla

"Guardians of Final Space" by BecauseImBored1

Drama / Serious

"Circuit Tree" by shorisquared

"Do what it takes" by Speedy180

"Letting Go" by Mysunsai

"Weaving Wounds" by Xophilarus

"You Know How I Feel" by NATALEO


"Duelists In Winter" by Kirbygal

"Gilded" by SuperEltanin

"Into The Cyber-Verse" by Ileia

"Off The Ceiling" by Rider4Z

"Survival League" by Elixir

Romance / Sentimental

"Broken BoneZ" by Sean.PNG

"Happy Little Clouds" by Glitzer

"Jackie & Wilson" by Espresso Yourself

"Magnum Modus" by Xophilarus & Shin

"You make me smile" by VideoBeats

Fun / Upbeat

"KMS Kawaii Metal Symphony" by Bimyou

"Revel in the Dark" by Sean.PNG

"Sugar Hips" by Shin

"The Ouran Side" by BecauseImBored1

"Undeadman Zombieland" by PaNTSU oF d00m

Comedy / Parody

"Bebe Doo Where Are You" by drewaconclusion

"It's up to Yuri" by Rider4Z

"My Dragon Gal and Me" by Kirbygal

"Technically They're Kappa" by Angelic Daze Cosplay

"The Slippery Slope" by PieandBeer 

2018 - Winners & Finalists

AMV Contest

1st Place Trailer - "IT-otoro" by Gina Nelson

1st Place Drama / Serious - "You Will Never Leave Me..." by Maboroshi Studio

1st Place Action - "Hell of a Feeling" by shorisquared

1st Place Romance / Sentimental - "Dream the Impossible" by BecauseImBored1

1st Place Fun / Upbeat - "Anime Masterchef" by AntaresHeart07

1st Place Comedy / Parody - "Dunces & Dragons" by Mycathatesyou69 & King Redeem

Judges Choice - "Parting Shot" by Mycathatesyou69

Editors' Choice - "Sour Diesel" by Shin

Director's Choice - "Dream the Impossible" by BecauseImBored1

Coordinator's Choice - "Covert Haven" by PaNTSU oF d00m 

V-MIX Competition

MomoCon 2018 Theme Award - ""Hell of a Feeling" by shorisquared

Best Novice - "Tohru" by Opner

Best Rookie - "The Opposite of Hate" by ManlyMango

Most Pleasantly Surprising - "Deeznutz 2" by Mycathatesyou69

Best Instrumental - "A Shared Path" by VideoBeats

Most Marvelous - "Modern Marvels" by Rider4Z

Best Tribute - "The Greatest Gift" by Rider4Z

Best Niche-ijou - "daydream | return" by ZephyrStar

Best Draction - "Baseless" by BecauseImBored1

Best Source Pairing - "Stay Alive" by numbuh0051

Best Dance - "Leap of Faith" by Pysh

Best Horror - "Machine" by Apselene

Best Character Profile - "Frigid Fury" by Vivifx

Most Uplifting - "Baba Yetu" by Glitzer & Obsidian Zero

Most Inspirational - "Love Letter to Gunpla" by Speedy180

Best Commercial - "thirsty" by MadMegatax

Best Editing - "Sunlight" by Sunlight

Best Video Game - "False Shepard" by PieandBeer 



"Goku: Ragnarok" by UnluckyArtist

"IT-otoro" by Gina Nelson

"Pride + Prejudice + Butlers" by BecauseImBored1

"Samurai Jack: Fury Road" by shorisquared

"Tohru" by Opner


"Down the Road" by DopplerDo

"Hell of a Feeling" by shorisquared

"Might of Horus" by Sean.PNG

"No Limits" by UnluckyArtist

"Revolution" by Phlashbak

Drama / Serious

"Ashes to Ashes" by Mysunsai

"Bullets Rain Noir" by Rider4Z

"Combat Harness" by EnQuatre

"Dentelle" by Iren S.S.

"You Will Never Leave Me..." by Maboroshi Studio

Romance / Sentimental

"Dream the Impossible" by BecauseImBored1

"Salvation" by Nekokitkat

"The Opposite of Hate" by ManlyMango

"Twin Blades" by Obsidian Zero

"Youth in Motion" by Xophilarus

Fun / Upbeat

"Anime Masterchef" by AntaresHeart07

"Another Day of Sun" by MinetChan

"Desu Circulation" by Cirera

"Randomcore" by VideoBeats

"Sour Diesel" by Shin

Comedy / Parody

"5318008" by KeiichiFace

"Bizarre Dancer" by MrShmucker

"Dunces & Dragons" by Mycathatesyou69 & King Redeem

"Kyuzoo" by Pwcagal & l33tmeatwad

"Tra La LAAAA!" by Kirbygal 

2017 - Winners & Finalists

AMV Contest

1st Place Trailer / ParodyBlades of Yuri” by BecauseImBored1

1st Place Action "Numinous" by MrNosec

1st Place Drama / Serious & Coordinator's Choice "Colors" by Nekokitkat

1st Place Romance / Sentimental "My Songs & Stories" by Drabaz

1st Place Fun / Upbeat & Editor's Choice "Money$hot" by MycathatesyouAMV

1st Place Comedy "Suicidal Tendencies" by Sailor Death

Judges Choice "Ambition" by Celia Phantomhive

Editors' Choice & 1st Place Fun / Upbeat "Money$hot" by MycathatesyouAMV

Director's Choice "Fiat Lux" by PieandBeer 

V-MIX Competition

Best Production - "Party like a Russian" by Rintamasuunta Cosplay

Best Trailer - "OVERWATCHMAN" by shorisquared

Best Parody - "Desu Standing" by NoglasticNinja

Best Concept - "The Passing of Men" by ClefJ

Best Nostalgia - "Super Jiggy Bros" by drewaconclusion

Most Uplifting - "Soothing Sunlight" by Glitzer

Best Rhythm - "CTFO" by KeiichiFace

Best Mood - "Pyrrhic" by PieandBeer

Most Pleasantly Surprising - "Semi Charmed School Life" by Chaosprojects

Best Technical - "High Fantasy" by irriadin

Best Editing - "Cherry Bomb" by Shin

MomoCon 2017 Theme Award - Make Love, Not Explosions by Glitzer

Best Novice - "Forlorn Silence" by CrashAMV

Best Rookie - "Audacity" by pwcagal272

Best Up-and-coming Star - That's so Pia


Trailer / Parody

“Blades of Yuri” by BecauseImBored1

“Defenders of the Galaxy Vol. 2” by MadMegatax

“Paranoia Things” by King Redeem

“Sailor Mars” by MinetChan

“Titans RESURGENCE” by ProjectTwinsAMV


“Fight Back” by SeanPNG

"Gloria Fortis Miles" by Rider4Z

"Glute Gladiators" by Ileia

"Numinous" by MrNosec

"Riot" by AntaresHeart07

Drama / Serious

"32 Degree Symphony" by Rider4Z

"Colors" by Nekokitkat

"Delusions of Grandeur" by Mysunsai

"Devoid" by MycathatesyouAMV

"Epiphany" by UnluckyArtist

Romance / Sentimental

"Armored Amour" by BecauseImBored1

"A Better Place" by Studio le Croc

"My Songs & Stories" by Drabaz

"Love Like You" by Allegoriest

"L’appel du Vide" by AngelDragoon

Fun / Upbeat

"La Vida Madoka" by shorisquared

"Money$hot" by MycathatesyouAMV

"The Fujoshi Chronicle" by Celia Phantomhive

"The Marathon" by James Blond

"Weeaboo Peekaboo" by Shin


"Kawaii Romance Sonata" by 1MoonGoddess7

"Manly Manly Men" by Obsidian Zero

"One Horn Man" by King Redeem

"Suicidal Tendencies" by Sailor Death

"Yuri on Ice!!! - The Honest Trailer" by Maboroshi Studio 

2016 - Winners & Finalists

AMV Contest

1st Place Trailer/ Parody - "Deadpunch [RED-BAND]" by Rider4Z

1st Place Action - "Wavedash Whompathon" by MycathatesyouAMV

1st Place Drama/ Serious - "Unsheathed" by Rider4Z

1st Place Romance/ Sentimental - "Satisfied" by MadMegatax

1st Place Fun/ Upbeat - "Fun Fun Yum Yum" by MycathatesyouAMV

1st Place Comedy - "Singular Strike Gentleman" by Glitzer

Judges' Choice - "One Hell of a Host" by BecauseImBored1

Editors' Choice - "Dauntless" by BioticAMVs

Director's Choice - "Fun Fun Yum Yum" by MycathatesyouAMV

Coordinator's Choice - “We Live” by Nekokitkat 

V-Mix Competition

Best Tribute - “Stop, Funk N Roll” by UnluckyArtist

Best Editing - “RESET” by Chiikaboom

Best Crossover Story - “Utopia” by AngelDragoon

Best Crossover Concept - "Fast Forward" by hamstar138

Best Atmosphere - “Oh Be A Fine Girl Kiss Me” lolligerjoj

Best Character Profile - “The Sound of Severus” by Rider4Z

Best Mood - “Under the Granite Wall” by WarlikeSwans

Best Novice - “REDACTED” by Pwcagal272

Best Source Pairing - "My Shot" by ShodanKid

Best Advertisement - “A Righteous Cause” by Maboroshi Studio

Most Uplifting - "Superman" by Drabaz

Most Nostalgic - “We Live” by Nekokitkat

Most Pleasantly Surprising - “Now We Got Problems” Goober

Most Artistic - “Within” by Buggy

Most Bittersweet - “Hope of Morning” AllegoriestAMVs

Most Serendipitous - “The Pink Apocalyptic Dragon” by Warlike Cygnet

MomoCon 2016 Theme Award - “The Wind Calls” by Tyrfalger 


Trailer / Parody Finalists

"Codename: STE" by Nekokitkat

"Deadpunch [RED-BAND]" by Rider4Z

"Outlawz of the Galaxy" by Speedy180

"The Drill Awakens (Spiral Edition)" by King Redeem

"Xenomorph" by drewaconclusion

Action Finalists

"Evil Eye" by AllegoriestAMVs

"Slice Slice Revolution" by drewaconclusion

"Speedwagon SlamJam" by irriadin

"Warrior Inside" by AMV-X

"Wavedash Whompathon" by MycathatesyouAMV

Drama / Serious Finalists

"Center of Attention" by xGeminii

"Dauntless" by BioticAMVs

"Dollhouse" by DistantMelodies

"Sibyl's Kiss" by EnQuatre

"Unsheathed" by Rider4Z

Romance / Sentimental Finalists

"Parallel Convergence" by Xophilarus

"Polaris" by PieandBeer

"Satisfied" by MadMegatax

"SUKI DA!!!" by StarTrinity009

"The One to Understand Me" by DNubsPro

Fun / Upbeat Finalists

"Fun Fun Yum Yum" by MycathatesyouAMV

"Just Funkin' Dandy" by Shin

"One Hell of a Host" by BecauseImBored1

"Run Baby Run" by Phlashbak

"Volleybot" by Celia Phantomhive

Comedy Finalists

"Bi Time High" by Xophilarus

"Chitoge's Rap" by UnluckyArtist

"Duel Commandments" by Goober

"FREEWATCH!" by Maboroshi Studio

"Singular Strike Gentleman" by Glitzer 

2015 - Winners & Finalists

AMV Contest

1st Place Trailer/ Parody - "Shafted" by Shin

1st Place Action - "Vintage Misery" by Shin

1st Place Drama/ Serious - "Aria of Perseverance" by Xophilarus

1st Place Romance/ Sentimental - Take a Leap" by MomtoCutiePia

1st Place Fun/ Upbeat - "The Fangirl Chronicle" by Celia Phantomhive

1st Place Comedy - "Re-Repeat Stuff" by DnubsPro

Judges' Choice - "A Boy In Funny Red Boots" by Dragonrider1227

Editors' Choice - "Derelict" by irriadin

Director's Choice - "Contest Trolling 101" by Mr. Pilkington

Coordinator's Choice - "Re-Written" by alchemymini 

V-Mix Competition

Most Creative - "Otaku Paradise" by BecauseImBored1

Most Nostalgic - "The Dragon Ball Life" by Drabaz

Most Original - "#Lampie" by Mr. Pilkington

Most Inspirational - "Everyone Else" by GuntherAMVs

Best Story - "Vacant Heart" by JazzsVids

Best Dance - "Coup de Grace" by andrewbee

Best Character Profile - "Pain into Power" by Drabaz

Best Retro - "Souls at Sea" by Nevermore

Best Other - "Girl on Fire" by Rider4Z

Best Concept - "Smite : Winter Soldier" by TechBromancer

MomoCon 2015 Theme Award - "プロジェクトW (Project W)" by StarTrinity009 


Trailer/ Parody Finalists

“Attack on Badassdom” by Maboroshi Studio

“Immortal Chimera” by l33tmeatwad

“Shafted” by Shin

“Shinsekai Yori” by BBSNYPUR

“The Little Prince Returns” by hamstar138

Action Finalists

“Boundless” by Straw Buggy

“Last Call” by Rider4Z

“Mahjong Banquet” by Magicflier

“THROWBACK” by BecauseImBored1

“Vintage Misery” by Shin

Drama/ Serious Finalists

“Aria of Perseverance” by Xophilarus

“Derelict” by irriadin

“Re-Written” by alchemymini

“Révolutionnaire” by Amaterasu

“You're All I Need” by ReggieSmalls

Romance/ Sentimental Finalists

“Awake to the Sky” by Rider4Z

“Lift Your Spirits” by LullabyLockdown

“Symphonia Cantabile” by Obsidian Zero

“Take a Leap” by MomtoCutiePia

“Tone Deaf” by JazzsVids

Fun/ Upbeat Finalists

“III Shades of Magic” by Warlike Cygnet

“Captain DandEo” by "LC"_Lapen

“Notice Me!” by Zazzle

“The Fangirl Chronicle” by Celia Phantomhive

“Young Forever” by Phlashbak

Comedy Finalists

“Re-Repeat Stuff” by DnubsPro

“A World Somebody Else Only Knows” by Nicolio1313

“Chi & The Not So Company” by MycathatesyouAMV

“Contest Trolling 101” by Mr. Pilkington

“Pay-Off!” by JazzsVids 

2014 - Winners & Finalists

1st Place Trailer/ Parody

"The Butterfly Effect" by MycathatesyouAMV

1st Place Action

"Valor" by MycathatesyouAMV

1st Place Drama/ Serious

Director's Choice

Editors' Choice

"Hot Commodity" by GuntherAMVs

1st Place Comedy

"Anime 101" by VivifxAMV

1st Place Romance/ Sentimental

"Surging Tides" by Xophilarus

1st Place Fun/ Upbeat

"A Piece Of Toast" by BakaOppai

Judges' Choice

"Digital Hell" by JazzsVids


Trailer / Parody Finalists

"Alchemy Zone" by BecauseImBored1

"Eren the Titan Slayer" by Studio Hawk

"Juno" by MinetChan

"Pacific EVA" by Speedy180

"The Butterfly Effect" by Mycathatesyou

Action Finalists

"Firestarter" HoshiChan

"Inhumanity" by BecauseImBored1

"Pillar Man, Pillar Man" by LC_Lapen

"Valor" by MycathatesyouAMV

"Vessels" by Gorz

Drama / Serious Finalists

"Cosmic Love" by Nekokitkat

"Death Silence" by TritioAFB

"Hot Commodity" by GuntherAMVs

"Lunar Rush" by Xophilarus

"Make your own Tomorrow" by Compbros

Comedy Finalists

"AMV(&humor)" by BasharOfTheAges

"Anime 101" by VivifxAMV

"Breaking Celluloid" by camichan19

"Nvidia GeForce GTS 250" by Chaosprojects

"The Gore Never Bothered Me Anyway" by Ileia

"YTMND AMV: Fad Entertainment System" by drewaconclusion

Romance / Sentimental Finalists

"Bow-WOW!" by Warlike Swans & Warlike Cygnet

"Bros on the Slope" by Camichan19

"Crazy Little Thing" by MinetChan

"Surging Tides" by Xophilarus

"The Optimists" by Rider4Z

Fun / Upbeat Finalists

"A Piece Of Toast" by BakaOppai

"Dirty Revenge" by l33tmeatwad

"Glam Jam" by GuntherAMVs

"The Comeback" by Copycat_Revolver

"Under Control" by SasukeChanx 

2013 - Winners & Finalists

Trailer / Parody

Video: The New Avengers (Durarara!! Parody)

Creator: GuntherAMVs (PixelBlended Studios)



Creator: BecauseImBored1

Drama / Serious

Video: Hall of Fame

Creator: Drabaz


Video: PonyNote

Creator: VivifxAMV (Asylum Studios)

Romance / Sentimental

Video: Tough Love

Creator: l33tmeatwad (PixelBlended Studios)

Fun / Upbeat

Video: Fuhrer of Sweden

Creator: Mr Pilkington

Judges' Choice

Video: Contracting Lesbians

Creator: MycathatesyouAMV 


Trailer / Parody Finalists

"A Contract in Wonderland" by Akemi Yukimura

"The New Avengers!!" by GuntherAMVs

"Psycho-Pass: Mental Reversion" by Robert Frazer

"Gangster Baccano" by Akshay Thomas

"Sacrifices" by Emma Browning"

Action Finalists

"YOU CAN'T DENY US!" by BecauseImBored1

"Neuromancer" by irriadin, Replay Studios, and Shin

"Blackout Shooter" by l33tmeatwad

"Rock What You Got!" by JudgeHolden

" Running on the Ragged Edge" 2 by macchinainterna

Drama / Serious Finalists

"Hall of Fame" by Drabaz

"Envy's Turmoil" by Pinkhearter13

"Time Waits For No One" by heavenxsoul

"In the bend of the Don" by Kyssifur

"Schizoception" by Mycathatesyou

Comedy Finalists

"This Wasn't in the Dub" by SatoshiSakura

"PonyNote" by VivifxAMV

"Made For Harassment" by drewaconclusion

"Les Poissons" by hamstar138

"Zombie Baby" by Zanzaben

Romance / Sentimental

"BFB" by Jump Cut Productions

"Accidentally Tsundere" by hamstar138 & Zanzaben

"Till Then" by GuntherAMVs

"Viva Love" Angela Malphurs

"Tough Love" l33tmeatwad

Fun/ Upbeat

"Don't stop Arale Now" by Nils Houghton

"Bubbles to Fame" by Pinkhearter13

"Time Twitch" by BecauseImBored1

"Fuhrer of Sweden" by Mr. Pilkington

"Scream" by Aaron Herrington